1. Silence by Scorses
  2. Junun by PTA
  3. Weiner Dog by Todd Solondz
  4. Dark Horse by Todd Solondz
  5. Life During Wartime by Tod Solondz
  6. Noah by Darren Aronofsky
  7. Mother! by Darren Aronofsky
  8. Zero Theorem by Terry Gilliam
  9. Big Eyes by Tim Burton
  10. Split by M Night
  11. The Visit by M Night
  12. Downsizing by Alexander Payne
  13. Nebraska by Alexander Payne
  14. Love by Gaspar Noe
  15. Enter the Void by Gaspar Noe
  16. Salt & Fire by Herzog
  17. Queen of the Desert by Herzog
  18. Chi-raq by Spike Lee
  19. Da Sweet Blood of Jesus by Spike Lee
  20. Gone Girl by David Fincher
  21. Everybody Wants Some by Linklater
  22. Savages by Oliver Stone
  23. Putin Interviews by Oliver Stone