Been skateboarding since I was 12... This is some of many I've skated through the years.
  1. DC Truth
    Designed by Josh Kalis, these shoes are still pretty cool looking. I remember these shoes extremely well because they skated terribly (it could also have been me just thinking that as a middle schooler). Funny story, watched a skate video where a pro spray painted his shoes and skated them; So, decided to spray paint these bright yellow in shop class... Mom was not impressed.
  2. Adio Bam V.1
    As an impressionable young middle schooler, Bam Margera, with his ridiculous pranks, crazy antics, and solid skateboarding, made for an easy choice of skate shoes. I believe I even bought two pairs.
  3. Globe CT IV
    Oh, the Chet Thomas'. Puffy, technical skate shoes were all the rage and these definitely met the description. They were super comfortable... That's about it.
  4. Osiris Datz
    I wore these in my first ever skateboard contest in Chippewa Falls, WI (made it to the finals in beginner class, but placed last overall within). These shoes had a gel sock liner, and they made my feet sweat more than necessary. I loved them for some reason.
  5. DVS Wilson 3
    I got this shoe specifically because it had a strap (which I left unstrapped and flopping around aimlessly, because I thought it was cool). Shoe skated great!
  6. Es Accel
    Puffy tongue, leather outside, green accent... A classic.
  7. Es Koston K5
    Koston might be one of the most iconic skateboarders in all of history. His shoes, have been through some good years, and some bad. This shoe, all I can remember is owning them in the brown color way, couldn't have been too special.
  8. Es Koston K7
    Skip the one simple decent shoe he put out in between, and we get to this shoe. I thought I was gangster... Sometimes I still do.
  9. Nike SB Angus
    I had two color ways of this shoe, thanks to Matt Morse. The skated great, and still look super great, a trend setter before its time.
  10. Lakai Mariano 2
    Totally owned the,"Where the wild things are" editions... They fell apart super fast. Kind of ugly in hindsight. I'm a terrible decision maker.
  11. Circa 50-50
    Funny story... I actually bought these for $20 at pacsun, loved the way they skated, and then ended up leaving them at a bowling alley because I was too drunk and left with bowling shoes on one size too big. Oops.
  12. Nike Dunk Low
    This is it. The skate shoe I've come to realize, is probably my favorite skate shoe of all time. I tried to remember exactly how many pairs of this shoe I had, that I can recall, Six... It may be a few more, I don't truly know.
  13. Supra Dixon
    Skated awesome for the one session they lasted. That canvas tore through in hours, not days. At a $70 price point for basic looking shoes, I felt cheated. Antwuan is forever a legend though.
  14. Nike P-Rod 6
    Looking back, damn... That's a sweet looking shoe. That about it.
  15. Nike SB Janoski
    Now worn by every frat boy across the United States, these once wonderful shoes (inspired by boat shoes) use to adorn the feet of skateboarders. They are seriously good though... Great board feel, lasted a long time, I'm beginning to realize through these lists that I've kind of been with Nike since they launched the SB's.
  16. Vans Stage 4
    This shoe means a lot to me. It's plain, kind of ugly, but worked great. This shoe is also the shoe that I was rocking when I truly started to feel like I could "skate" again. With multiple layers beneath the initial suede coating, it lasted a long time, and was able to enjoy this shoe for an entire skate year.
  17. Adidas Busenitz Vulc
    This shoe did indeed tear through in one session. However, this may be one of the best looking, and functioning skate shoes, ever.
  18. HUF Choice
    Decided to get trendy and try the skater owned brand HUF. They have a high stance for a vulc shoe, but besides that, not really too much to complain about. Maybe, I just don't care as much in my "older" age.
  19. Emerica Reynolds Low
    Skated super good for a very long time. Kind of a thinner shoe width wise, squeezed a bit. Actually took out the insoles and replaced them with Vans insoles.
  20. Vans Crockett Pros
    Got em' in the mids. Skated them twice this far, and no complaints. They are skinny through the forefoot compared to the Stage 4s, but that's really not too much of a concern being that they aren't fully broken in.