1. I was sitting in my 5th grade classroom, we had just finished religion class when our school secretary came over the intercom and announced that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. None of us Texas kids knew what that was or why a plane crash was worth a random announcement.
  2. Our teacher looked concerned but we continued about our day. The teachers seemed quiet and the whispered a lot. They kept us quiet at lunch, which was weird because it wasn't Ash Wednesday. But we continued our day a little confused but completely unfazed.
  3. In PE our normally very fun and funny coach sat us all down and told us we better not make jokes about what was happening, he didn't go into detail so we all just kinda looked confused at each other and agreed to his request. We still only thought it was a plane crash.
  4. My mom came to pick me up from school after my library aid shift, our crazy library lady was very quiet that day too. My mom gave me a very long hug and her and our librarian talked about how awful things where, she let my mom know we didn't know much. I thought wow even mom heard about the plane crash.
  5. We got into the car and instead of the normal country music playing over the radio I heard old gospel music, not in the mood I attempted to change it. My mom stopped me and said no we need to listen to this today. I was finally concerned enough to ask what had happened why was everyone so upset about a plane crash.
    She told me I would see when we got to the office, because her coworker had brought in a tv at lunchtime. She said all they had done was watch tv all day. That's weird.
  6. I stood right in front of the small black & white rabbit eared tv and my mouth fell open. I stood there and didn't move for an hour until it was time to go home. I just kept watching the same loops knowing this was a huge deal and that things would be different. Watching it over and over again didn't make it make any more sense.
  7. I was mad at the school for not letting us see this unfold. I wished, and even still, that I was older, I thought that then I could help or then I could understand. I saw our flag flying at half mast and I stood there staring trying not to cry. I was scared, I didn't want to live in a war. I was extremely proud that suddenly America was one.
  8. I'm aware that there was some prejudice, but the majority of the people were united. Out of all the bad that happened that day, it brought us together and allowed us to see past thing we now can't seem to argue enough about. I think to many people look back at that day and remember hate. I remember love.
  9. Everyone says they'll never forget, but that happens, look at Pearl Harbor Day. In 15 years I can already see people forgetting.
  10. I think sharing our stories of that day are important, the feelings and images, otherwise this day becomes just another date on the calendar. That day didn't happen to me, but it happened to us, and I don't want to forget.