1. Introvert or extrovert?
    I'm an extroverted introvert. It's a thing.
  2. Scars?
    I have one on my left pinky finger that I swear must have come from a paper cut. A very faint one on my left knee from a bike injury, an even fainter one at the bottom of my right leg thanks to my dogs hangnail. And two very inappropriately placed chicken pox scars.
  3. What religion were you raised in?
    Lutheran, but I went to a baptist school for three year (7 if college counts) and to Catholic school for 5 years. I think I've been to mass as many times as I've been to church in the Lutheran church.
  4. What religion are you now?
    I believe in God, but I don't think I believe in a single denomination or religion. I still go to Lutheran or Catholic Church depending on if I want communion or not, but I still don't agree with some of their teachings. I could go on, I really love to talk about religion, I think it's very interesting.
  5. Are you registered to vote?
    I registered a few months ago, I never received a card or anything though, I need to make a call about that. But if I'm honest I still don't believe my vote matters. Please don't give me a lecture I'm voting anyway, so if Trump is elected I can at least say I didn't help.
  6. Your favorite Dr Suess?
    A tie between Green Eggs and Ham and The Lorax
  7. A consistent quality of people I'm attracted to?
    Dark hair and dark eyes. Makes me laugh.
  8. 1st time you fell in love?
    Unrequited: 6th grade, it lasted till 10th. 😱 Actual: 21-now.
  9. Luxury you could not live without?
    Food that I actually enjoy. I'm an adult picky eater, it makes life difficult, I would change it if I could.
  10. Celebrity you would loose your shit over?
    There are a good amount of people on that list.
  11. School year that was the worst?
    4th (new kid at school) or 7th (middle school just freaking sucks)
  12. Where were you born?
    Seguin, Texas.
  13. Where would you like to live?
    Seattle is on the top of my list, don't know if I'll ever be able to make that happen though.
  14. Languages I speak?
    English. Some Spanish but I haven't used it enough to make conversation anymore. A few German and Russian phrases.
  15. I'm addicted to?
  16. How do I feel about my body?
    Good for the most part, I wish I was more toned, I could be if I just tried. I wish I had olive skin that tanned instead of the reflective skin I do have. And 3 extra inches wouldn't be bad.
  17. Am I kind to myself on a regular basis?
    I think I am, at least about most things. This past year hasn't been the greatest though.
  18. What some people assume about me that makes me crazy?
    People seem to misjudge my theatre degree and the skills I used to acquire it.
  19. Which of my world views has changed most drastically?
    That hard work is all you need to make it in life.
  20. What am I really good at?
    Stage Management, petting dogs, and quoting tv shows.