My Christmas was spent in 3 states and 6 different locations. Plus a NYE wedding. It was an epic 3,600 mile road trip. I've been very busy and tired, so I decided to save the whole trip for one list.
  1. First Leg: Tuscaloosa, AL to Dallas, TX
    Roommate and dog Christmas, than a one night stop at the boyfriends parents house.
  2. Second/Third Leg: Dallas, TX to Trinidad, CO to Breckinridge, CO
    His parents wanted to stop for the night in Trinidad, our hotel was right next door to a pot shop and we went to a restaurant with singing waiters. The next day we made it to our cabin in Breck, after introducing the boyfriends family to Idaho Springs (Beau Jo's and The Soap Shop!) His grandma and aunts family arrived later.
  3. Christmas Eve 🎆
    This was probably my 5th or 6th time in Breck but my bf's family's first. The altitude got to most of them.
  4. Static
    We strolled the city, looked at some shops, but not as many as I would have liked to, but I got some books and fudge so that's good.
  5. Static
    A Christmas Eve sleigh ride, probably the most stereotypical Christmas experience I've ever had. Our mules were Cindy and Sandy.
  6. Static
    We got velvet blankets to stay warm, which was needed.
  7. Static
    Our view.
  8. Static
    At the other end of the trail we stopped for cookies and hot chocolate (with peppermint schnopps) it was delicious! And had some great live entertainment!
  9. Static
    We went to candlelight service at this church, my first time going to a Methodist church, it was different we watched Jimmy Kimmel and Les Mis clips and dunked the communion, but I still enjoyed it. We sang Go Tell It On The Mountain while on a mountain and came outside to falling snow, it was pretty magical.
  10. Christmas Day 🎄
    It snowed almost all day Christmas Day, making all of my Colorado Christmases white Christmases. ❄️
  11. Static
    At my suggestion everyone went snow tubing Christmas Day. The bf made the reservations so he got all the credit ha 🙄
  12. Static
    It was snowing and very windy, not the best conditions but still super fun!
  13. Static
    We made snow angels because we are from Texas and there was snows
  14. Fourth Leg: Breckinridge, CO to Centennial, CO
    The day after Christmas we went to stay the night with my sister in her new house. It was also the first time for us to hang out since she got married, I gained a new brother and a new niece and nephew! 💕💗
  15. Static
    Their new house is pretty awesome we spent the day having a pool tournament in which my sister and I got second place. We played foosball and Pac-Man and ended the night with Chinese food and Cranium it was great!
  16. Static
    I also got to see my puppy niece and nephew who I didn't think I would ever get to see you again. Jack has cancer and wasn't supposed to make it to October and Sydney is 16! I love these pups so much!
  17. Fifth/Sixth/Seventh Leg: Centennial, CO to Lubbock, TX to Dallas, TX to Seguin, TX
    We stopped in Lubbock to see my boyfriend's aunt for the night, the next day we drove to Dallas for the night. The morning after that we drove to my hometown Seguin for a few days.
  18. Static
    I got to see our brand-new library, I still think it was unnecessary, but I do have to say it is extremely beautiful.
  19. Static
    I got to see my best friends from home, at least a few family members, plus I got breakfast tacos, best ever!! Breakfast tacos are what I miss most.
  20. Eighth Leg: Seguin, TX to Austin, TX: New Year's Eve
    New Year's eve we headed to Austin to watch our friends Adam and Toni get married.
  21. Static
    The food was good and the drinks were free it was a fun New Year's Eve! 🎉
  22. Static
    I got to see my best friend from Baylor.
  23. Static
    Our old stage management professor/technical director was there to our surprise, it was nice catching up with him, he is still as crazy as ever.
  24. Static
    It was a great reunion. This is my scene shop group, I miss them.
  25. New Year's Day
    The next morning we woke up way too early and went and had breakfast together. These are all my best friends from college in one picture, it's a pretty awesome picture.
  26. Ninth Leg: Austin, TX to Dallas TX
    After breakfast we went back to Dallas one more time, this time to have Christmas with my boyfriends brother and nieces.
  27. Static
    Also to celebrate the girls birthdays, The older was born December 18 and the younger was born January 15 so we met in the middle.
  28. Static
    Laynie absolutely loved her pony, she took it with her to spend the night with us.
  29. Static
    Avery loved her cool new dancing robot, hopefully it will encourage her to keep moving, she is so close to walking!
  30. Static
    We spent the morning with Laynie driving her Frozen jeep around.
  31. Tenth Leg: Dallas, TX to Tuscaloosa, AL
    On the way home I stopped in Tyler, TX for the first time in my and got this picture I've wanted basically my whole life. And we got Rudy's BBQ that is also very very important.