A few lists late.
  1. Hi. My full name is Tyler Karin Afflerbach.
    Yes I'm a girl. No it's not Taylor. No it's not Karen. And with the last name just think of going to the doctor, Téa Leoni saying Flor in Spanglish, and a chicken.
  2. I was born March 23, 1991. Which makes me a PiscesAries cusp.
    My birthday is two palindromes which is probably why I love palindromes. 323 1991 😊
  3. I'm an INFJ.
    The rarest type.
  4. I'm from south Texas. And like every Texan ever I'm very proud of this fact. ❤️💙
    Texas forever. Texas forever. (You have to make sure it is said twice).
  5. The BF.
    I've couple named us 'JT' because JT duh!
  6. The BFF.
    TAZ est. 2006
  7. The San Antonio Spurs.
  8. I'm a proud Baylor Bear, with a BFA in Theatre Design & Technology.
    C/O 2013. Sic 'em. (Yes this is now scandalous but it's home).
  9. I work as a Stage Manager and Carpenter.
    I honestly feel I'm not as dramatic as most SMs.
  10. I'm seriously debating going to grad school for social work.
    I've worked with foster kids and I miss them dearly!
  11. Colorado is my favorite place.
    No I'm not a ski bunny nor am I a pot head. My sister and nephew live here and I've spent almost every summer for the last 10 years in the most beautiful place on earth.
  12. I'm a night owl.
    I have been my entire life. If I fall asleep anytime before 11pm I will be wide awake by 1am.
  13. I'm a dog person.
    At one point in my life my family owned 10 dogs at once. Mutts are awesome!
  14. I enjoy television the way others enjoy fancy theatre, art, literature, and music.
    Bring up the right show and I can write you a novel.
  15. I would be the result of a Meredith Grey/ April Kepner hookup. (If that's how life worked.)
    Mer's world view, dark and twistiness, commitment phobia, and love of tequila. The rest is all April.