1. So my sister's Canadian 🇨🇦 fiancé just passed his US citizenship test and will be sworn in as an American citizen in a few weeks. Hopefully in time for the 4th of July, Yay! 🇺🇸
  2. I plan on making fun of his Canadian home land forever, but on this occasion I'd like to officially welcome him in an obnoxious American way, because 'Mercia!
  3. I'm taking ideas for the ultimate American started pack.
    Current ideas include...
  4. A grossly American Walmart tshirt.
  5. A gap/old navy 4th of July outfit.
  6. American flag swim trunks.
  7. A toy gun.
  8. An American themed country music cd.
  9. A bottle of coke.
  10. American flag themed converse
    Suggested by @Schmidiot
  11. Those super big comical American sunglasses in red white and blue
    Suggested by @Charlie_Chester
  12. An American flag onesie
    Suggested by @Charlie_Chester
  13. An American flag cake
    Suggested by @Charlie_Chester
  14. An actually bald eagle!!! (Lol or a plush one)
    Suggested by @Charlie_Chester
  15. An American flag...or maybe flag towel
    Suggested by @gkshorty
  16. Something totally bedazzled/sequined about being American
    Will probably end up being feminine/girlie ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Suggested by @gkshorty
  17. A case of Budweiser (while it is still calling itself America)
    Suggested by @ellied
  18. A baseball
    Suggested by @gkshorty
  19. Kraft Singles
    AKA American Cheese
    Suggested by @bluerazzblowpop