Together We Rise
  1. I feel like isn't the place to ask for money or donations but I'm gonna do it anyways.
  2. Two years ago I started working at a group home for foster kids. Over the year that I worked there I saw several kids come and go, some with their things in trashbags others with just what they had on.
  3. Often times they are not able to take their belongings with them because they have been contaminated by drugs, the situation wasnt safe for them to collect their items, or they just didn't have anything.
  4. Having something special of their own they can take pride in is very important. Not only can they bring them comfort as they travel from home to home, but it can also make them feel worthy, something that they may not have ever experienced before.
  5. Last year at Christmas I decided to start a fundraiser through Together We Rise to raise money for "Sweet Cases" for kids entering the foster system. These kids usually travel with trash bags, these "Sweet Cases" give them something of their own.
    Here is their website:
  6. Each "Sweet Case" costs $25 and includes: duffel bag, hygiene kit, coloring book, crayons, blanket, and stuffed animal.
  7. Last year, thanks to the help of some wonderful friends, I was able to reach $250 enough for the 10 case minimum. I am hoping that by starting this a little earlier and running it a little longer that I will be able to hit $500 this year! $250 would buy 10 case and $500 would buy 20.
  8. I love this organization not only do they have the sweet case program, they also have a bike building program, a college scholarship program, an annual Disney trip for siblings who have been separated, and they also sponsor photographers to take adoption photos!
  9. This is the link to my sweet case fundraising campaign. If you feel inclined to donate, please do. Whether it is fully sponsoring a case at $25 or a partial donation, it will help. It would be much appreciated! Foster Love. 💙🐻😄