I Went To A Cave Today

Cathedral Caverns.
  1. On the way to the cave!
  2. The cave is in these hills
  3. Fall. ❤️🍂🍁🍃
  4. The opening of the cave, completely nature made!
  5. The view from the mouth of the cave
  6. The largest stalactite/stalagmite column in a tourable cave
  7. Nature mad candle stick.
  8. The frozen waterfall, my favorite part.
  9. Do you see the Native American face?
  10. The crack in the center was caused by the New Madrid earthquake in 1811
  11. The cave entrance used in the film Tom and Huck
  12. Same entrance
  13. Cathedral Room.
  14. They call this guy Darth Vader
  15. End of the cave selfie