Me At Half My Age

  1. You are 12.5 and the year is 2003.
    6th grade was pretty solid and summer was fantastic, even with the math tutoring. 7th grade is a low point.
  2. It was the tannest you've ever been in your whole life, thanks to that amazing summer.
    A fact that is sadly still true in 2016.
  3. You got a war for your 12th birthday.
    Also you moved into a new less awesome house far out of town. Happy freaking birthday.
  4. You perform in your first real play, The Little Match Girl. Your school is lucky enough to complete at state One Act contest.
    You also had a huge crush on your stage brother (pictured) that lasted way longer than you would like to admit.
  5. You got glasses.
    And that all I've got to say about that.
  6. You met the sweetest boy in the whole world and adopt him as your baby. Nicky Levi.
  7. You began taking Spanish, finally got a 100 on a spelling test, worked after school as a library aide, and won the religion bee for the second year in a row to a class full of Catholics.
    Bad hair days were a daily struggle.
  8. You joined the track team and finally found a sport you were good at. Sprints at least.
    But asthma is a bitch.
  9. Neopets. Also more Neopets.
  10. Your songs of the year included: Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne, Suga Suga by Baby Bash ft. Frankie J, and not forgetting your country roots, Cry by Faith Hill.
    You loose interest in Avril around 2006 when she colors her hair pink and blonde.
  11. One Tree Hill entered your life at the end of August and it legitimately changed your entire life. It brought you some amazing music, an obsession with tv and storytelling, and most important your best friend in the whole world.
    Also Brooke Davis.