Who and where I'm from. Thanks for being awesome guys! ❤️🌎🚢🌍
  1. From Germany: 🇩🇪
  2. Johann Jost Afflerbach & Audoretea Dorothea Hahn
    2nd great grandparents
  3. Gustav Christoph Markgraf
    And his father: Andrew Markgraf
  4. August Frederick Boelter & Mathilda Flemming
    And their parents: Henrietta Ella Vader, William & Carolina Flemming
  5. Hermann Rosebrock & Minna Ludemann
    And her father: Friederich Ludemann
  6. Anne Marie Frederike "Mary" Jahns
    And her parents: Frederick Heinrich Theodor Jahn & Maria Nuebauer. And his mother: Sophie Elisabeth Wilhelmine Frobart
  7. Heinrich Fredrich Whilhelm Harborth & Caroline Boecker
    3x great grandparents
  8. Anten Nesloney
  9. Heinrich Fredrich Carl Harborth & Johanna Justine Louise Schmalkoke
    And his parents: Heinrich Whilhelm Harborth & Hanne Marie Caroline Basse
  10. Franz Ferdinand Beicker & Wilhelmina Lockstedt
    And her parents: Heinrich Lockstedt & Christiane Mahlman. And her paternal grandparents: Heinrich Friederich Anton Lockstedt & Wilhelmine Jaeger
  11. From Poland: 🇵🇱
  12. Albertina Huebner
    And her mother: Augustine Timm (2nd/3rd ggma)
  13. Rosa Mikolajczyk
    And her parents: John & Rozanna Mikolajczyk
  14. Rosalia Valentina Golar
  15. From England: 🇬🇧
  16. William Mobley & Phoebe Lovejoy
    9x great grandparents
  17. Peter DeBerry
    10x great grandfather
  18. William Norwood
    11x great grandfather
  19. From France: 🇫🇷
  20. Marenne Duvall & Mary Bouth
    And her parents: Robert & Mary Bouth (10&11x great grandparents)