My Life in Dogs

Happy National Dog Day! I'm a crazy dog lady.
  1. Baylee Marie* (3 years)
    My roommate and boyfriends dog, but the only dog I currently live with. She drives me crazy 90% of the time. I haven't had the best relationship before, but this summer I was her primary care giver, we learned to get along. She is addicted to fetch.
  2. Jack* (7 years)
    My puppy nephew. My human nephew's best friend. He has cancer and probably won't make it to next year. Buddy loves chasing bunnies and waiting for his boy to get home from school! He is a great snuggler and likes to sniff eye lashes. He is a goof and so sweet. He is a schnauzer.
  3. Cosmo Stanley (10 years)
    Cosy-wozy puddin 'n pie. Wrinkle butt. Mr. Mo. He is by far the WEIRDEST dog I have ever met in my life. He is full of hidden wrinkles. He ran up to my dad one day at work and has been right beside him every day since. He sleeps in a different awkward position every night and his stomach is always making some terrible sound. Cos likes to talk and play games.
  4. Bogie Max (12 years)
    My snuggle buggie! He cries when you come home and will rub his face to yours to give hugs. He can be a bit of a wimp sometimes and I like to make fun of him for it, he still loves me. He gets his name because my dad found him at our local golf course at Max Starke Park. He is my mom's boy.
  5. Nicky Levi (2003-2014)
    My bubbie boy. This sweet face is my puppy boy, my first baby. I met him when I was volunteering at the humane society one summer and I knew immediately we were meant to be. He was a silly playful puppy who turned into a grumpy old man, but he always loved me. He loved to go on car rides and for walks, an explorer. I don't think I'll ever get over losing him. I miss him so!
  6. Sadie Alexa (2002-2003)
    Tater-Tot. The youngest of 'the pups' (there were 5, one was still born) they were born into our family while I was on spring break in 5th grade. That's her on the right and her sister on the left. Tater loved to run around the yard and then wash her paws in their water bowl before coming inside, usually splashing most of it out the bowl. She got out once in a thunderstorm, she got scared, and got hit by a car. I loved to dress her up, she put up with it.
  7. Jack Kyle (2002-2016)
    Handsome Jack. Another of the pups. After he got sick as a puppy, he learned to love his kennel, it was his happy place for the rest of his life . He was great at hugs! We would sit on the front steps watching the stars at night. He loved an occasional snuggle but other than that loved his independence.
  8. Marissa Zoie (2002-2016)
    Fluffy Zoo. Another of the pups. Fluff bucket was a tom boy, she LOVED getting dirty, but when she was clean her fur was so pretty. She had the cutest little pink tongue that she would stick out when she slept. She loved to give kisses, I taught her how to ration them, I'd say 'kiss kiss' and she knew that only meant two. 💋💋
  9. Barkley Todd (2002)
    The last of the pups, Barkanator. Or Barkley Todd Lincoln. That's him (R) and Jack (L), they got parvo when they were about 4months old, Barkley also had a cyst in his brain, had he had just one of the two he could have survived, but we had to put him down, the only dog I've ever had to do that with, that was so hard. He loved running around the yard with his siblings playing pounce and wrestling.
  10. Birdie Grace Winifred (?-2015)
    Hey Lady showed up on our doorstep my freshman year of college and invited herself into the family, we gladly accepted her. Her biggest thrills in life where ear rubs and going for walks. She was a basset hound, and she had the hound dog bark. Lady had three names because she was a big girl with a big personality. I'm glad she came to us.
  11. Sydney* (16 years)
    My puppy niece. Miss Syd or Syd Syd. Thanksgiving of 4th grade my sister came to visit, looking at getting a new dog, she stopped by the human society and saw a cocker spaniel momma and her three puppies, she requested the runt of the litter and we picked her up a few weeks later as an early Christmas. Syd would come visit us often and even now when I come to visit she knows I'm there just for her. She can destroy a toy in less than a minute. If you can catch her she gives great kisses
  12. Solomon Shiloh (2000-2009)
    I first met Shooder when we went to meet Syd, they are brother and sister. He had been set up with a family but when we went to get Syd he was left all alone, the family backed out. Minutes after we got home my dad told us to turn around and go get him, they stayed open late hoping we'd be back, best Christmas ever! He was the most laid back dog ever, one of my best friends. He died unexpectedly the day after I left for college, it messed with me. He was always looking for a snuggle.
  13. Ivan Guy Jr. (1999-2013)
    Smilin' Guy. My cousins neighbor found him in a paper bag on the side of the highway when he was just weeks old, he had just gotten his ears. He was the pups dad. He is a Jr because he reminded us of an Irish Wolfhound mix at the humane society named Ivan that we would have adopted if we had the room. Baby Ives loved fetch, the only one of my dogs who ever really got the concept. He was always happy, smiling and nub wagging. Low maintenance and always ready to make you smile.
  14. Annie Karin (1998-2013)
    BoAnnie was my best friend. I wanted a dog like Wishbone and when my mom saw the litter of Jack Russell mix puppies at the humane society, she surprised me one day after school. She was named after the musical Annie, my obsession at the time, she has my middle name. BoAnnie was solid muscle and very feisty, even when she was 15 and blind. She loved food and her family.
  15. Jewels Catherine (1997-2009)
    Midgie. I have no idea how her nickname evolved, originally her nn was juju bean. She was named after one of the 101 Dalmatians and has my moms middle name. She was the mom of the pups. She was so prim and proper, unless it was thundering. She waited for me to come home for thanksgiving freshman year of college when she died. We stayed up talking she gave me a rare kiss, she died the next morning. We had our game, I'd get down, pat the floor and she would crawl to me. She is the prettiest girl.
  16. Loves (1996-1997)
    I don't know where any pictures of my lovey are, she got parvo as a puppy and died. Our house had a very long hallway and she would come running down it full steam, ears flapping away. We called her Thunder Paws. She loved sleeping with her alarm clock. She was a red short haired dachshund, I HATE the term wiener dog.
  17. Bradley Wayne (1995-2006)
    My first new puppy! Waynester was bred from show dachshunds, but he had a crooked tail so we got him very cheap. He was a cool dude, very chill, but very determined. He went blind when he was about 6, I didn't slow him down a bit, he would walk head first into a wall and just keep on going. He has my dads middle name and they were really close. Like a true dachshund he was always sniffing out something.
  18. Dutchie*
    My original puppy niece. She was crazy smart! When we would puppy sit for my sister and take Dutch back home, she could tell we were getting close to Dallas when we hit the Hillsboro split (Texas people know what I mean) I don't remember a time before my sister had her, last I saw her was probably 1998 or 99, when my sister got divorced her ex-husband took her. She like tug a war and her rubber binky.
  19. Scruffy (?-1999)
    Scruff was part of the family before I was. He loved slip and slides, water balloons and sprinklers. He loved squeaker toy and my binkies, him eating my last one is one of my first memories. His death was really hard for me. I don't have a picture of him with me, but he looked a lot like Ivan, small terrier mix black and grey, really happy. He was a good boy.
  20. Molly (?-1997)
    Lolly pup didn't like me when I was born, my sister was hers and I was stealing, she came around when I started sneaking her food. I liked to feed her treats off my swing set. She was a chihuahua dachshund mix.
  21. Bud (?-1994)
    I don't remember much about Spudy Buddie, another chihuahua dachshund mix, but I do remember playing with him in the backyard and him meeting me at the bottom of the slide.
  22. Winks (?- 1993 or 94)
    Winks, yet another chihuahua dachshund mix, had a really cute underbite so he always looked a little grumpy no matter what. One of my earliest memories was when he ran away once, my day rode all over the neighborhood looking for him, he was hiding out next door.