In my family you aren't a member until you have at least three nicknames.
  1. Ty
  2. TyTy
    Also obvi
  3. TA-TA
    Thanks to my initials and college friends.
  4. TA
    For people to lazy to say TA twice.
  5. Pooh
    as in Pooh Bear.
  6. Karinah
    Love for the middle name. Also probably the most used on this list.
  7. Friend
    Me and the BFF are both 'friend'
  8. Uncle Tyler
    Thanks Aunt Gary.
  9. Prudence
    We were Connie, Prudence, Gyna, and Barb. I don't know why.
  10. Nerd
    I was the Nerd to my friends Dum Dum. We gave each other candy.
  11. Filthy Tyler
    A love of dirty jokes and working in a shop resulted in this.
  12. Duder
    This is probably the oldest name on the list.
  13. Shyster
    Meant in a loving way.