My Week In Tejas

Home Sweet Home.
  1. My friends got married!!
  2. We spent 90% of the weekend outside. In Texas. In the summer.
    We swam at the ranch and sat outside chatting and drinking whiskey
  3. Plus one party.
    Aka honorary groomsmen.
  4. Im dating the best man
  5. We fed this guy and his friends and hung out all night long
  6. I made it home in time for Father's Day ❤️
  7. I got new glasses.
    I might actually wear these for fun
  8. This outside my house
  9. I went to visit my granny ❤️
  10. Drive-In movie with the cousins!
    Double feature Finding Dory 🐠 and Alice through the looking glass.
  11. With this view...
  12. Hanging out with these two
    Bogie Max
  13. My little brown boys 🐶🐶
    Cosmo Stanley
  14. A week wasn't long enough.