1. They have recycling at each store for plastic, glass, aluminum and other items.
    You can bring your own recycling from home and they take it! ♻️
  2. For every reusable shopping bag you use they take 5¢ off your total.
    It doesn't seem like much but it adds up.
  3. I have a red card and 5% off my total every time I use my card.
    Again it doesn't seem like much, but at the end of the year it's a nice total.
  4. They always have good sales on all their items.
    They always have something on sale. The do a lot of 2 for the price of one deals also.
  5. They give away coupons and gift cards all the time!
    There have been so many times I've gone in where they had deals for $5 gift cards.
  6. They often have a deal that if you spend more than $50 on grocery items you get a $10 gift card.
    Easy to achieve!
  7. At the bottom of every receipt it tells me how much I saved each trip and all year.
    I like to try and beat my previous records.
  8. They care about schools.
    They donate so much to children every year.
  9. They have lots of cool stuff I don't need but like to look at and sometimes buy.
  10. Thanks Target 👍🏼