Snowpocalypse 2017:Tuscaloosa ☃️❄️🌨

  1. Snowpocalypse was supposed to begin at 7 AM this is around 1 PM
  2. We began work on building our new record stand.
  3. Trim was fun because I get to use one of my favorite tools, a brad nailer.
  4. I miss working in a shop.
  5. We took a snack break with sleet. 😬
  6. Came back to sand and paint 🎨
  7. Giant globs of snow began to fall during our last coat of paint. Largest flakes I've ever seen. ❄️🌨
  8. The finished product!
  9. The campus looked so peaceful in the snow ❤️
  10. We got home and let Baylee play in the snow while we cooked, she LOVED it!
  11. Our meal was freaking delicious. I'm not one for food pics but this was worth it! 😋
  12. Now we are relaxing by the fire 🔥 it was a pretty great day.