Sunsets: A Few of my Best 🌅

Sunsets are one of my favorite things. Just took them on my iPhone nothing fancy. things. I've seen a few of these so I needed to share a few I love.
  1. Leaving Home
  2. On the Brazos Waco, Texas
  3. A colorful sunset after experiencing Holi for the first time, Austin, Texas
  4. I-10 on the way home from Houston
  5. After the storm, OKC
  6. Steps from my front yard.
  7. My first time seeing the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica
  8. I-10 on the way to work in SA
  9. A bike ride with kids from work, Luling, TX
  10. Over my hometown.
  11. Texas Forever.
  12. A sunset that makes the mountains look small, Parker, CO
  13. A finished with tech before dark sunset, San Antonio, Texas
  14. Sunset over my former workplace, Luling Texas
  15. A sunset so beautiful I had to pull over and watch it, Tuscaloosa, AL