1. I'm a big name nerd so I've enjoyed this topic 😄
  2. Tyler
    I hate the name Taylor. SO MANY people in my life see my name then see my face and call me Taylor. I also feel for boys named Taylor, I assume they've been through the same things. My parents and sister chose my name from a movie Toby Tyler. Tyler is an English occupation name meaning Tile Maker. One of the reasons I always hated my name was because I thought it had a really lame meaning. I always wanted to change my name but nothing ever fit, so I learned to be happy with my name.
  3. Karin
    Kuh-rin. Not Karen. This is the favorite of my names. It's Scandinavian. It means pure, as does my mom and grandmas middle names. My mom got it from Anna Karenina. Most of my family calls me Karin or Karinah.
  4. Afflerbach
    Pronounced ahh-fler-Bach (like the composer) It's A German place name, meaning Apple Brook, or that my family originated from an area with apple trees near a brook. I can probably count on my hands the number of people who have correctly pronounced my name upon first meeting me. My moms maiden name is Beicker (pronounced biker) it's also German. It's believed to be an occupation name meaning baker.