Most of my friends kids started school today, so in honor of the first day of school, here is some love to some of my best teachers. 🍎🔤✏️
  1. Mrs. Hoppe- Kindergarten at Emmanuel's Lutheran Day School
    I've heard people imply that early childhood education isn't important or impactful, that's obviously not true. I am where I am because of my kindergarten teacher. Not only did she help teach me to read, but taught me how to love it. She would read us the Little House on the Prairie books at nap time every day, and I would say awake and listen. She also bit me with the theatre bug, and for that I am forever grateful! I see her around town and 20 years later she still remembers me.
  2. Mrs. Cole- 2nd Grade at First Baptist Christian School
    She helped get shy quite little Tyler out of her shell by finding thing I enjoy. Every single Tuesday morning I would get to school early so we could talk about the most recent episode of 7th Heaven. She also taught me about recycling and that it could be fun and cool. I'm glad she made me care. ♻️
  3. Mrs. Rhodes- 3rd Grade at First Baptist Christian School
    My favorite grade school teacher. She understood how I worked and what I loved. I started in the regular reading group because of my reluctance to read aloud, she later moved me to the advanced group when she realized I knew what I was doing. Once she let me spend the whole reading period organizing history cards, because she knew I loved them, and I was reading them after all. We did a play on the star spangled banner, she wrote on my report card that I had good ideas and that I should direct.
  4. Mrs. Fredrickson- 4th Grade at St. James Catholic School
    One of my almost birthday twins, born the day after me! A fellow history lover, her husband too, he would sometimes come teach a lesson or two, we had the most fun learning about Texas history. Our class played the Alamo every day at recess that year until the nuns saw and said it was inappropriate. She was an army brat and had stories from all over the world! She got me organized. She also encouraged our creativity as often as she could. She was kind.
  5. Mrs. Villeneuve- 5th Grade at St. James Catholic School
    My other almost birthday twin, born the day before me! She understood me. She expected a lot from me. One time practicing spelling words I was partnered with my friend Catherine (not my best subject). Catherine could push my buttons sometimes and not know when to stop. She was doing so that day and I warned her that I'd pinch her if she didn't stop, she dared me. I made her bleed. That behavior should've gotten me a check in my perfectly clean behavior folder, but Mrs V understood.
  6. Mrs. Allen- 6th Grade at St. James Catholic School
    My class was the teachers kid class, a good third of my class had parents who worked at the school, Mrs. Allen was one of those parents. She always tried to make things exciting, in depth projects over ancient Egypt and Greece, bringing art into math class. She always talked to us about current events, we would watch the news in class sometimes, she expected us to know what was happening in our world. She tutored me in math and never once made me feel stupid. Thank you.
  7. Mrs. Franklin- Librarian 4th-8th at St. James Catholic School
    Another of my classmates parents. Not one of my actual teachers, but I worked as a library aide from 4th-8th grade. She gave me a place to fit in at my new school and somewhere to hang out before school. She knew every kid in the school by name from the 3 year olds to the 8th graders. She knew everyone's interests and would always have suggestions just for you! I think she was the first person to show me kids and adults could be friends.
  8. Mrs. Maddox- Journalism/Yearbook 9th-10th at Seguin High School
    Momma Maddox as we called her. She retired at the end of my sophomore year after over 30 years of teaching. I took journalism 1 because I wanted to join our school tv news station because I liked the idea of being on tv, but momma Maddox made me love journalism. Journalism is our history, our laws, our voices. She asked us once 'is this the mountain you want to die on?' She wanted us to decide what is important and worth fighting for. I love her for teaching me these things.
  9. Coach Maldonado- AP World History 10th at Seguin High School
    One of two teachers that actually prepared me for college. The first time I ever finished a history book during a class. We had weekly in class essays and every Wednesday we had a debate. We called them Winston Wolf Wednesday's and our teams discussed historical events in a fun and engaging way. We had a mock trial for Hernando Cortez one week, this class was always exciting! Proof that football coaches can make good teachers, even if they spit a lot and you sit on the front row.
  10. Coach Heartmann- Powerlifting 10th-11th at Seguin High School
    I wasn't able to play sports much growing up, the first I did was track in 6th grade. I was good at track and I enjoyed it, but the rest of the year I was the girl who got hit in the face in dodgeball. My friend at the time convinced me to take powerlifting with her, I've always had muscles so I thought it would be easy enough. Coach Heartmann told me I was good. He wanted me to compete and get better. He pushed me to push myself, the first time anyone had really done that. And I enjoyed it!
  11. Mrs. Lucas- Theatre 9th-12th at Seguin High School
    Lucas to us. This woman is not 5' tall, she has a strong Tennessee ascent and usually has three pairs of glasses on her at once. Im so thankful for this wonderful crazy lady! I love and respect her and her passion. One night at an event downtown, she had had a little wine, a few of us students ran into her and we sat around chatting about theatre, she was rambling a bit and we were loving it! And she tells us 'I'm not drunk, I'm just passionate!' We changed drunk to crazy and made it our motto.
  12. Mrs. Phillips- Tech Theatre 10th-12th at Seguin High School
    Flips or Flipsta as the cool kids called her. She taught me my actual passion of stage management. She showed us how to wear the word techie with pride. She was also a wonderful director, and gave me Into the Woods, a never ending gift! She has supported me in my career and has asked me to speak to her classes often. Unrelated to theatre she also had us watch Obama's 08 inauguration live in class, she told us we were witnessing history and I'll never forget that.
  13. Mrs. Sheridan- Musical Theatre 12th at Seguin High School
    She was around my sophomore and junior years to help with the musical, and all my friends were in choir, so I knew her pretty well before she became my teacher. She tried her best to teach me to sing, and was only ever encouraging, had I actually been able to get past my own fears, I might have learned a little more. She had amazing belief and respect for her students, so much so that she allowed on of my friends to live with her family, so he could continue his music education.
  14. Mr. Smith- AP English 12th at Seguin High School
    The first day of class he made us take the Meyers Brig personality test, he walked around collecting everyone's results and without looking at mine said 'INFJ?' I nodded amazed. 'Yea, me too.' That INFJ intuition for you! I was captivated by him from then on, this young guy 30ish who openly admitted to watching BookTV all weekend. He tried so hard and honestly to prepare us for the world outside high school and I tried to listen. He said never get a credit card, I'm still good on that promise.
  15. Prof. Thomas Ward- Acting Realism & Stage Combat at Baylor University
    I'm not an actor, I learned this about myself and was totally cool with that fact, but acting classes were required for my degree. My other acting teachers in college all seemed to have the same idea about design majors and did give us much attention or have many expectations. They would pair us with each other so as not to bring down the actors. Thomas was the opposite. He put us with the best in the class, made us tell stories while sword fighting, he believed in us.
  16. Dr. DeAnna Toten-Beard- Theatre History 1-3 & Dramaturgy at Baylor University
    Totie B. By far one of the best teachers to ever teach. She knows her subject front and back. She has an amazing amount of knowledge and passion and it is so obvious in her classes. She never makes you feel stupid though, she wants you to want to learn. Dramaturgy was by far the best class I took in college, it was only offered every other year and you had to get permission to be in the class. I begged her, not that I needed to, but I wasn't about to let one last Totie B class slip away!