Inspired by @marykathryn and @kcupcaker
  1. It was my 21st birthday. I'd drank before, but never vomit, hangover, can remember things drunk.
  2. It was tradition in our department to go to this one bar in town because it was the only nice place our under 21 friends could get in. We would go at midnight and everyone bought the birthday girl/boy drinks or shots.
  3. My 21st birthday happened to fall on the midnight release of the first Hunger Games. I was very pissed that some of my lame friends thought that was more important than my 21st birthday.
  4. But my friends took me out for a nice heavy meal to counteract the rest of my night and my friend Ryan helped me get ready, probably the 'hottest' I've ever looked. I didn't want to wear a dress, I was afraid my butt would show if I threw up, but he made me.
  5. My good friends were at the bar and proceed to get me nice and drunk before taking me to my friends house for the night. We take good care of our shit faced friends.
  6. I got 9 shots and a drink in about an hour and a half. I went too fast. This is what I remember.
  7. Blythe, my ginger friend, bought me a red headed slut and it was one of the nasty things I've ever drank.
  8. My friend Seth got me a double shot of whiskey that got me past tipsy and right to drunk
  9. I started grabbing my future boyfriends chest from behind and commenting on his man boobs. I meant pecks.
  10. I'm don't remember it but I'm sure there was singing. Not good singing either.
  11. Justin, the future BF, got me a four horsemen. At this particular bar this drink was equal parts whiskey, vodka, rum & tequila. This is where my memory gets shotty.
  12. I eventually declared it was time to leave the bar, even though we hadn't been there long. I said I wasn't going to puke in a bar, and I didn't.
  13. I puked in the trash can right outside the bar. As I predicted my dress began to ride up but my roommate was a champ and helped a girl out.
  14. I somehow arrived at my friends house and immediately needed to hug everyone in the room. I couldn't get to my friend Garf fast enough so I just tumbled over the back of the sofa to reach him.
  15. My wonderful friends had sober up snacks waiting for me. While enjoying some Gatorade they offered me some Cheerios. I got really mad at them because they were just regular Cheerios not honey nut.
  16. During my Cheerios rant I leaned against their kitchen island, which until that moment I never knew had wheels, and my Gatorade spilled everywhere.
  17. I started to change there in the kitchen, I told them I don't care if you see my underwear, it's just like I'm in a bathing suit. My friend E-Rad stopped me.
  18. I eventually needed to vomit so while I was hanging out on the bathroom floor two of my friends decided to call me and wish me happy birthday post Hunger Games. I just yelled at them through the phone from across the room and said 'I hope Hunger Games sucked!! You aren't my real friends you're my lame friends!'
  19. Before falling asleep that night I kept begging to my friend 'please don't let me die!' I was terrified drunk me forget how to breathe and sleep at the same time.
  20. I woke up the next morning and made it to my 9:00am class. Like a boss. A hungover boss. 😎
  21. Static
    It took me two years before I agreed to watch the Hunger Games.