🎶 These are my obsessions...

A brief history of my long history of obsession.
  1. Binky
    My dog Scruffy also loved binkys, my parents told me the next time he eats your binky that's it there are no more binkys. It was a sad day.
  2. Barney
    I met Barney and Baby Bop one day and cried in fear the whole time.
  3. Lion King
    I still own a lion king shirt and phone case. Hakuna Matata.
  4. Titanic
    The ship not the movie. 6 year old me did see it in theaters though and had absolutely no idea there was a love story in there.
  5. Winnie the Pooh
    Thanks to my sister for my favorite nickname. I believe I had pooh bear birthday cakes until my 11th birthday.
  6. Annie
    My first musical theatre love. My dog Annie, named after my favorite orphan.
  7. A*Teens
    The first CD I bought with my own money. My favorite Sweeds. Thanks for introducing me to ABBA.
  8. Jewish Culture
    This love began in 4th grade after reading The Diary of Anne Frank and a project over world religions. I love tradition.
  9. One Tree Hill
    This opened my music horizons. It was a strong hard love, but once Lucas and Peyton left I did too. Sophia Bush and more importantly Brooke Davis became heroes.
  10. Rent
    Thanks to the movie I found this show and it rekindled my love for theatre. La Vie Boheme. ✊🏼
  11. Grey's Anatomy
    I have watched every episode at least 3 times, seasons 1-5 at least 8 times. I have watched weekly since the first episode aired March 27, 2005. Yes I know that date off the top of my head.
  12. Jonas Brothers
    As much as I love(d) BSB, JB was my boy band, even if I was 16. I went to their '09 and '13 tours. Kev was my guy.
  13. Audrey Hepburn
    This woman is so much more than Breakfast at Tiffany's pictures. Check her out and be like her.
  14. Kate Middleton
    I was a kid who hated princess movies. I thought they were all really dumb, except Pocahontas and Mia Thermopolis. Kate Middleton changed all that. As an American I love the idea of a monarch.
  15. Zooey Deschanel
    Thanks for my bangs. They no lie changed my life.
  16. Russian Culture
    This one has evolved very slowly. The art this country has given the world is amazing.
  17. Mindy Kaling
    Comedy hero. Can I have half of her drive and confidence please?
  18. Genealogy
    My search to find my Jewish roots. Spoiler they don't exist. My family is still pretty cool.
  19. Names
    My favorites list has been growing since 6th grade, but upon my discovery of nameberry my name love has exploded.