Inspired by everyone else who's done this list.
  1. Physical book or ebook?
    Physical book. They smell good and don't hurt my eyes.
  2. Audiobook or Book in Hand?
    Audiobooks are nice because I can do other things while 'reading' but I feel like it's cheating so I usually have book in hand.
  3. Paperback or Hardcover?
    Hardcover, I am not as worried about hurting the book, and if it's new I love the cracking sound the cover makes.
  4. Adult or Young Adult?
    Adult I guess, but a good book is a good book.
  5. Series or Standalone?
    Standalone, I usually don't have the focus to bother with a series.
  6. Dog Ears or Bookmarks?
    Bookmarks! And by bookmark I mean whatever piece of paper is around. Dog ear people need to be smacked.
  7. Bookstore or Online?
    Bookstore. More expensive but more fun!
  8. Fiction or Nonfiction?
    Nonfiction usually. I love learning about people and things, so it usually holds my interest more.
  9. Monster Read or Short and Sweet?
    As long as I enjoy the subject matter it doesn't matter. I tend to read a little slower, because I feel the need to look at every single word on the page. So maybe medium size.
  10. Starry Eyed Romance or Action Packed?
    Action if I had to pick, although neither are my favorite.
  11. Buy or Borrow?
    If I could buy all the books I want, I would. But I can't so thank goodness libraries still exist!