1. The NBC intro. three times.
  2. Listening to Michael Phelps talk about carrying the flag.
  3. Obama talking about the importance of the Olympics
  4. Rio in fireworks
  5. Raising the Brazil flag
  6. Hearing the rainforest
  7. The Girl from Ipanema
  8. Introducing the athletes forest
  9. Parade of nations begins
  10. The 4 ladies from Saudi Arabia
  11. Manu!
  12. The Bolivian guys crying
  13. Little girls carrying trees smiling from ear to ear
  14. The America the beautiful coke commercial
  15. Team USA entering
  16. Seeing Ibtihaj Muhammad being the first American athlete to compete in a hijab.
  17. Brittney Griner
  18. Kosovo being at their first Olympics
  19. Hoda saying how the whole world is in front of them
  20. The Yusra Mardini commercial
  21. South Sudan being at their first Olympics
  22. The refugee team.
  23. Brazil.
  24. The official introduction of the athletes
  25. The Olympic Rings in plants
  26. Talking about the the Olympic world.
  27. Welcoming the Refugee team.
  28. Kip Keino's story
  29. Raising the Olympic flag
  30. The lighting of the cauldron