USA Medal Count: 75. Tyler Tear Count: 162.
  1. Belocian from France being DQed after a false start. That rule is so harsh.
  2. David Rudisha's backstory
  3. Men's 800m
  4. Allyson Felix getting silver after Miller dove across the line for gold. BS imo, it's track not diving.
  5. Simone's Instagram with Laurie
  6. Sanne Weavers beam. That was so pretty.
  7. Laurie's beam
  8. The rest of the team cheering on Laurie. I really just can't get enough of them 💗
  9. Sanne Weavers twin crying
  10. A preview for tomorrow's prime time
  11. Simone and Laurie officially medaling
  12. USA men's beach volleyball team getting knocked out
  13. The final results for rings
  14. The salute to the women of team USA. 💪🏼👩🏼🇺🇸