USA Medal Count: 12. Tyler Tear Count: 66.
  1. Seeing Brittney Griner play and thinking, I know her!
  2. Mara Abbott going from 1st to 4th at the very end of the road race
  3. South Korea winning gold in Women's team archery for the 8th time in a row
  4. Kosovo getting their first medal ever, gold, in their first games ever.
  5. Excitement of women's gymnastics
  6. Excitement of Michael Phelps
  7. Watching the Chinese women be perfect at synchronized diving
  8. The Yursa Mardini commercial, again.
  9. Italian diver Tania Cagnotto winning a medal for the first time ever after 5 Olympics
  10. Watching Simone Biles story
  11. Hearing this was Marta Karolyi's last games 😥
  12. Aly's floor exercise. She's my favorite.
  13. Watching Oksana Chusovitna compete in gymnastics at 41
  14. Seeing Romania with only one gymnast.
    Maybe un-American but I love watching the Russian and Romanian gymnasts almost as much as ours.
  15. Watching Jordyn Wieber flashbacks
  16. Women's 100 butterfly
  17. A thank you mom commercial
  18. Men's 100 breaststroke
  19. Katie Ledecky beating her own WR by an entire body length
  20. USA winning gold for the 4X100 🏅🏊
  21. Watching Ellie Downie compete on vault after falling on her neck on floor
  22. Medal ceremony for 400 freestyle
  23. Aly and Simone making all-around!
    The two I was hoping for. I did wanna give Gabby a hug though, the two per country rule is just BS.
  24. Medal ceremony for 4X100.