USA Medal Count: 26. Tyler Tear Count: 90.
  1. The New Zealand women's rugby team performing this haka
  2. Gymnastics excitement
    I had to watch live. And again in prime time. And now again in replay.
  3. Aly's vault
  4. Madison's bar
  5. Aly's floor
  6. The final scores being posted! Team gold y'all!!!! Shaking with excitement! Yeas!!!! 💪🏼
  7. Medal ceremony women's gymnastics! #TheFinalFive 🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅
  8. Marta's reaction.
  9. Kaite Ledecky getting gold in the 200 breaststroke then hugging her biggest competition
  10. Michael Phelps winning his 20th gold medal!
    How lucky are we that we can witness his greatness?!
  11. Michael about to cry on the podium
  12. Michael & Boomer. 😍
  13. Canada winning bronze in women's synchronized diving