USA Medal Count: 38. Tyler Tear Count: 115.
  1. Michael Phelps backstory before the 200 medley
  2. Michael winning. 22/2/2.
  3. Ryan Lochte not medaling. Here is a hug, you diamond haired man.
  4. Ryan Murphy's medal ceremony
  5. Simone Manuel tie for first in the 100 freestyle
  6. Michael's medal ceremony
  7. Simone Manuel hugging her coach
  8. Gymnastics part 2 nerves
  9. Aly and Simone's backstories
  10. Simone's beam
  11. Aly's beam
  12. Aly being the best captain supporting and encouraging Simone. Such good teammates holding hands on the way to floor. 💕
  13. How proud Brazil is of their gymnasts
  14. Aly's floor 😭😭😭😭😭😭💗💕
  15. Simone crying at winning gold. 😭
  16. The medal ceremony for all around. Those three were the three I wanted up there (I mean if Gabby can't be)