Inspired by @gagneet and @jonmichaelwxyz
  1. How I Met Your Mother
    One of my most favorite series ruined by a single awful finale episode. I've never been more angry with a series finale.
  2. American Horror Story
    The fact that Misty Day didn't become the new Supreme was enough for me to quit you, but I decided to stick with it. But Freak Show was just the worst, I couldn't even make it half way through the season. (PS Lily Rabe should be in everything that is good because she is perfect.)
  3. Glee
    Ryan Murphy has wonderful ideas and then destroys them with fire. The Rocky Horror episode was the last one I watched, I wish I hadn't. Also someone should have taught Lea Michele how to sing with her eyes open and not be such a bitch.
  4. New Girl
    Zooey is a hero. Max is beautiful. I love this whole cast. Somewhere around season two the writing went to crap and it hurts my soul. I want to support this cast but once Megan Fox joined I stopped watching, she is the worst. Schmidt and CeCe got married that's all I really cared about.
  5. Walking Dead
    Beth & Tyreese's back to back deaths were the final straw for me. Shock value isn't shocking when it happens every week.
  6. Charmed
    I love Prue, but I also love Paige. Phoebe and Cole forever. What the hell happened to Leo? Future Chris and Wyatt suck. Billie was the WORST. The flash forward at the end of the series was nice but they should have payed Shannon whatever she wanted so that Prue could have somehow been a part of it, even if it was in a photograph.
  7. One Tree Hill
    The flash forward was a new thing and hard to deal with. Lucas and Peyton left show. Dan and Rachel?! Skills and Deb?! At least B. Davis got her happy ending. Also Naley forever. I do promise to finish watching this show at some point, I owe it Brooke.
  8. Grey's Anatomy
    I still watch Grey's, this show has a special magic hold on me and won't let me leave no matter how many times it hurts me. The greatest television character ever Cristina Yang left the country and her person. Bailey sucks now. Meredith would not name her baby Ellis. The deaths of: George, Denny, Henry, Doc, Susan Grey, Seth Green, George's Dad, Charles Percy, Mandy Moore, Adele, Brooks, Mark, Derek, and Lexie. By far the most abusive show I've ever watched.