1. Nurse
    3 years- Present. Thanks mainly to my sister. I myself like the idea of NICU nurse.my college major decision was between nursing and theatre, I probably chose wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Director
    5- 20 years. I got bit by the theatre bug in kindergarten thanks to my teacher. Parents didn't realize it yet, but once your kid starts forcing their cousins to do plays its time to get them in drama camp.
  3. Actress
    5-14 years. I thought acting and directing were the only things you could do in theatre for a while so that was a goal.
  4. Teacher
    6-8 & 12-14 years. I liked being in charge and I like learning. After helping with the preschool summer program in middle school I was convinced teaching 4 year olds would be the dream.
  5. Fireman
    7-8 years. I've always been a bit of a pyro, after visiting the Denver Fire Museum I decided this would be a great job.
  6. Architect
    9-11 years. When we got our first home computer we also got a 3D architect program that I played as much if not more than Oregon Trail. After taking drafting classes in college I'm glad I changed my mind.
  7. Meteorologist
    9-16 years. I love weather and the news, it's the perfect combination. I would track hurricanes every year and read all kinds of weather books.
  8. Lawyer
    10-12 years. I liked to argue and debate, I figured if Elle Woods could than so could I. I'm just to competitive.
  9. Journalist
    14-17 years. I had a wonderful journalism teacher in high school, I could and probably will do another list about all the reasons she made me love journalism. In a world of citizen journalism I realized it may not be the best time.
  10. Production Assistant
    16-18 years. After working as an extra throughout high school and schmoozing all the PAs my friends and I thought this would be the best way to break in to biz, we probably should have gone that route.
  11. Stage Manager
    17 years-Present. Discovering tech theatre changed my life and made high school great. I firmly believe art is important and powerful, which is why I chose this as my degree. I'm writing this during down time backstage actually.
  12. Child Life Specialist
    18 years-Present. My sister told me about this profession, she works with them often in her job as a PNP in oncology. They help the kids and their siblings learn about their procedures and my their stay more enjoyable. They are starting to use them in court systems. I'm debating going to grad school for this.
  13. Ambassador
    19-21 years. I decided I wanted to be an ambassador of some kind, after obsessions with Selena Gomez, Audrey Hepburn and the royal family, I thought it was my dream job. I later realized I have no money, still think it would be awesome though.
  14. Flight Attendant
    20-22 years. After falling in love with the show Pan Am I decided I wanted to be a flight attendant, as it would be the perfect way to do tons of travel. I researched and learned that schedules don't work the same anymore and layovers long enough go adventure are rare.
  15. USO
    21-23 years. I thought this would be a good use of my skills in the theatre, and a nice way to serve my country. But from what I can tell they don't work that way, you just have to be famous 😒
  16. Social Worker
    23-Present. After working in a group home for a year, and now being gone from it for almost a year, I miss it all the time. I miss the kids and I feel like I need to be doing something for them, I'm also considering this for grad school.