Why I Love My San Antonio Spurs

More important than the World Series starting tonight, Spurs Basketball begins tonight!
  1. We are a very international team.
    We pretty consistently have the most international team in the league. We have/have had players from Argentina, France, Australia, the Virgin Islands, Spain, Serbia, Brazil, etc. It is one of my favorite things about this team, it also makes for a fun Olympics with lots of Bball teams to root for!
  2. HEB commercials
    One of the best parts of a new season of basketball is new Spurs HEB commercials! HEB is a Texas grocery store based in SA, it's the best!! Our boys are always hilarious in these commercials and the outtakes are even better.
  3. Silver and Black Give Back
    The Spurs have a youth basketball league they help with every year. SA is a military city and the team does a lot to support our troops.
  4. Out Retirees
    And 21 will be up there soon enough. 12 is retired and still in use by Aldridge because Bowen is the coolest. These guys retire, but their hearts and spirits stay with the team and city. I love all these guys.
  5. The Rodeo Road Trip
    One of the most exciting times of the year is the Rodeo Road Trip. The SA rodeo takes over the AT&T center and forces the boys on an at least 7 game long road trip.
  6. They're Family Men
    A lot of the guys have families, and their families are all involved. It's so sweet.
  7. Becky Hammon
    The Spurs hired the first full time female assistant coach. Becky is awesome.
  8. Pop
    An older and less attractive coach Taylor. Aka. Hard but loving. Serious but funny. Reallllly good at his job.
  9. Manu.
    Manu is my favorite Spur. One of my favorite reasons is his passing skills. Another is the fact that he is a risk taker, sometimes it doesn't work out but other times it wins games.
  10. The Coyote
    Best mascot ever.
  11. The fans
    We have fantastic fans, pun intended. Famous ones too, including Selena Gomez, Eva Longoria, and Samuel L. Jackson. We are die hards and pretty humble. We learned from our teams and our love runs deep.
  12. The guys.
    You just can't find a better group of guys. This team has been built, our guys are loyal, it's a sad day when trades have to happen, but new members are welcomed with open arms. Our team is full of leaders and greats, but there are no bosses and no stars. They take the game seriously, but not too seriously. They love the fans, the city, fellow players, the game, and each other. Go Spurs Go! 🏀🙌🏼❤️