1. It is oddly organized
    For a race of this magnitude I was prepared to ask a million questions of where to go, what to do, who am I?
  2. You will have no self control at the expo center
    The gear is just *italian chef finger kiss*
  3. You will not sleep the night before
    Too excited..too nervous..too paranoid you're going to live out the Seinfeld episode
  4. People will make endless Seinfeld jokes
  5. Strangers will come up to you and wish you genuine luck
    I've always loved New York City, but the day before the race it's like millions of people want you to know they got your back
  6. There's a lot of waiting around
    Like I knew there would be waiting around....but there was exponentially more time to spare than I mentally prepared for
  7. There was coffee and bagels and bananas waiting for you on Staten Island
    So I didn't need to be running around Midtown at 11 pm looking for my breakfast
  8. Brooklyn is magical
    I PRed in the second borough which was AMAZING but also my downfall. I had way too much fun!
  9. Take the food!
    It seems odd to take the cookies and bananas and orange slices from strangers because..ya know...what if it's laced??? You need it! By mile 10 you'll be actively seeking out snacks
  10. The wall is no joke.
    I bargained with God at one point. I told myself I never wanted to work out again. I said I would become a vegan to avoid fitness forever. That is how much it hurt.
  11. The crowd is EVERYTHING
    I cramped up in Manhattan and the only reason I powered through was because the 110th block chanted my name to keep fighting. Magical.
  12. You'll cry. You'll wish you didn't put your name on your shirt. You'll wish you didn't sign up for this.
    There's times you just want to be anonymous and regret putting your name in big bold letters across your chest, but when you're crossing into the Bronx and questioning every life decision that led you to this moment and that man who looks oddly similar to Ron Cephas Jones tenderly says "You're hanging in, Ty! You're hanging in!" You will well up and believe him and take that bridge because you ARE hangin' in, damn it!
  13. You'll reach a point of exhaustion you didn't know was humanly possible
    Your mind and body are no longer connected. You'll say to yourself "all right let's run" and your legs will just completely disobey. You will feel drunk when you see your family and they will be slightly concerned for your well being, but you will keep going
  14. You will keep going
    No matter how tired and worn out and in pain you are you will keep going. There's too many strangers who are just so proud of you and they fuel you!
  15. The medal is legit
    Wear it with honor. Limp around town and be prepared for more strangers to show genuine happiness for you!
  16. It is the greatest experience in the world
    They told you about this one, but you cannot understand it unless you do it!
  17. You'll be eager to sign up for your next one
    You'll forget the pain. You'll forget the discomfort. You'll forget the wall. You'll remember the joy. You'll remember the kids in Brooklyn you high fived. You'll remember your family crying when you ran by. You'll remember the sonic boom of Manhattan as you come off the Queensborough bridge. You'll remember the cannon and Frank Sinatra at the starting line. You'll remember the NYPD cheering you on. You'll remember Ron. You'll remember the good stuff. And the good stuff got you through.
  18. Static