You know- those ones that no matter how many times you've seen you still tune in
  1. The Departed
    Something about Boston accents and Rolling Stones music that makes this one so damn enticing. Though it's not nearly as good when FX cuts out all 237 uses and variations of "fuck"
  2. The Holiday
    That cast. The score. Jude Law. The soundtrack. The beautiful houses. Jude Law. The narrator. Dustin Hoffman's cameo. Jude Law. The last scene with Aretha singing "You Send Me". Always makes me cry and wish it was Christmas time. Jude Law in glasses.
  3. My Cousin Vinny
    "Well perhaps the laws of physics cease to exist on your stove!"
  4. Goodfellas
    Scorsese and I should share iPods. Do people still use iPods? Is that an acceptable reference in 2016?
  5. The Sandlot
    I'll be the first to admit it...I've always been a pedo for Benny Rodriguez
  6. Mean Girls
    One of the most quotable movies of the millennial generation. Isn't fun to have one of our films be deemed a classic?
  7. It's Complicated
    I don't what I love the most in this one: John Krasinski's face or Meryl Streep's kitchen.
  8. Parent Trap
    Weren't expecting two Lindsay Lohan movies to make the cut, were you? Don't worry...neither was I!