**I got the job though**
  1. There's no small talk
    You basically get one comment each on a topic of your choosing before the next candidate chimes in and monopolizes the conversation.
  2. Everyone is trying to establish themselves as the funny one
    I'm now here to play that game.
  3. It is no longer like you are saying "I'm better than the other (anonymous) candidates for this position" like a normal interview
    Instead, you're competing with a very nice girl named Gabby and shitting on her responses. She says "I've worked as a wedding planner for about 2 years so I have experience in the events industry!" Oh yea, Gab? "Well I've worked on set for Seth Meyers and have 3, count them, 3 years experience." You're just oscillating one-uppery for 45 minutes.
  4. It's best to be the last person in the group to answer
    You just build off of what everybody else says and judge the interviewers reactions.
  5. It sucks to be the last person to answer
    "Yea...what she said"
  6. Everyone is simultaneously the best and worst versions of themselves
    I know how hard it is to get jobs in entertainment so on any other day I would wish these strangers the best, but today I am hoping they come into contact with anthrax or accidentally sext the owner of the company.
  7. You look like a brown noser
    "Here's a copy of my resume and an evaluation from my last employer.....oh I'm sorry...the rest of you didn't think to bring to bring your own copies? Bless your heart."