because currently.....
  1. New Years resolution was to floss everyday
    Maybe those first two months of sticking to it will pay off!
  2. I can't help but feel they're lowering me into the pits of hell when the chair starts reclining
  3. Don't put the sunglasses on me. Seriously. Don't do it. I have too much pride. I am an adult.
    You son of a....
  4. "Someone hasn't been flossing"
    Fuck! They're onto me!
  5. I can't imagine this is a rewarding profession
    Nobody looks forward to a teeth cleaning and the risk of being bitten at work is so much higher than most careers
  6. Ooh! The bite wing exam!
    Time to show off my stellar gag reflexes
  7. Did you really just sexualize your dentist visit?
  8. This doesn't feel good. This doesn't feel good!
    They don't care.
  9. I wish I could still pick the fluoride flavor
    Groovy grape was the move as a kid. Now it's just mint- no questions asked. Adulthood, man!
  10. Gotta say, seems like the dental hygienist is the real hero here
    The doctor doesn't pull any weight!!! He just double checks the work and signs off- getting all the credit. What a crook!!
  11. Is it a universal law that they have to play classical music?
  12. Fine! I'll floss!!!! Jeez!!
  13. *one week later*
    Stops flossing