On stage at UCB Chelsea in New York during Monday's Whiplash. The Comic's Comic captured the great debate between Sanders (James Adomian) and Trump (Anthony Atamanuik) moderated by actual New York Times columnist Mark Oppenheimer. Read the full article here: http://bit.ly/1k28pBm
  1. On immigration:
    Trump: "I promise to buy a garbage island and put our immigrants there."
  2. On Hillary Clinton:
    Sanders: "I happen to disagree with her 90 percent of the 80 percent of the time."
  3. On taking vacations:
    Sanders says that for fun he and his family "reenact the passage of the Social Security Act by the Roosevelt Administration." Trump: "We reenact the euthanization of Eleanor Roosevelt."
  4. On family:
    Sanders: "I have a longstanding marriage to a woman who I think her name is Jane." Trump: "My family does not have a loser among them. And if we did we would drown them in a sack in the Hudson River."
  5. On their competition:
    Trump: "I'm killing everyone in the polls, and I promise you, when I'm elected president, I will kill everyone." Sanders: "Trumps should be like abortions. Safe, legal and rare."