We made a fake book on Amazon to promote our debut series on Vimeo called "Life Support" - which is a pretty dark comedy about characters trying to improve their lives with this self-help book (by fake author Bradley Ashcroft). Then we asked people to write the most eviscerating reviews they could think of. They were very creative. And brutal.
  1. "i hate what it did to me and my chuldren"
    -Dan Corkery
  2. "I once saw a feral cat eat a small dog, and I thought that was the worst thing my eyes would ever gaze upon. Then I read Life Support."
    -Frank Farrell
  3. "The footnotes cite sources that are often non-existent. The index is out of alphabetical order and the photo inside of the dust jacket is out of focus."
    -Dan Erickson
  4. "There's a section of 30 chapters in the middle of this book that are one word each, and they don't even add up to a complete sentence."
    -Cait Sumner
  5. "This is legitimately the worst book I have ever read, but the binding was pretty good (hence the two stars).
    -Dru Johnston
  6. "It makes Mein Kampf look like the Giving Tree."
    -Brennan Mulligan
  7. "Bradley Ashcroft looks like Bruce Dern in the 1967 Peter Fonda vehicle, The Trip. I hate that."
    -Alex Newman
  8. "I was a little disturbed by the repetition of the phrase, "remember, people misunderstood Joseph Goebbels."
    -Alex Pereira
  9. "I only hate three things: this book, the band Creed, and THIS BOOK!"
  10. "Bradley Ashcroft had sex with my dog."
  11. Spew your own bile at http://bit.ly/ihatethisbook