Moderated by Janeane Garofalo at the 92nd Street Y in New York City
  1. "That idea of committing, and not bailing on your friends, is why UCB stayed together." -Amy Poehler
    On the philosophy of their mentor, Del Close.
  2. "He gave us a methodology we could use. It was like magic." -Matt Besser
    On Del's teaching
  3. Don't put the cart before the horse. You have to learn something well before you can do it without thinking. You don't jump out of a plane without thinking. -Ian Roberts.
    On the UCB motto "Don't Think"
  4. "Any time I stay in the moment, I'm suffering less." -Amy Poehler
    On applying improv's lessons to life
  5. "Actors are interpretive artists, and improvisers are creative artists." -Ian Roberts
    This quote was produced on request of the other three
  6. "Compare and despair, Sister." -Amy Poehler
    On measuring yourself against your peers
  7. "I tell my students, you should fail here. If you aren't failing here, you don't need to be here." -Ian Roberts
    On learning improv
  8. "Rob Riggle wrestling three new UCB students." "He put them together and made a sandwich."
    Walsh and Besser's description of a favorite DCM memory. (One of the students happened to be John Gemberling)