Top picks for your week in New York City. Tickets at!
  1. Characters Welcome
    Monday, September 21 at 8pm, UCB East Village. A new cast debuts of the monthly showcase that features original characters & impressions by the best and brightest comedy actors. Hosted by Michael Hartney & Justin Tyler.
  2. STRIFE: An Improvised Theatrical Experience
    Tuesday, September 22 at 11pm, UCB Chelsea. On behalf of humanity, the Academy has studied the human experience and is now prepared to impart its wisdom upon you, the audience, by utilizing the endangered art of Dramatic Improvisations.
  3. Snap Impression Live
    Tuesday, September 22 at 9:30pm, UCB East Village. A game show podcast turned live show that pits comedians against each other to do the best off-the-cuff impressions of celebrities, fictional characters, and historical personages.
  4. Cambridge Footlights International Tour
    Wednesday, September 23 at 9:30pm, UCB Chelsea. Britain's most celebrated student comedy club that launched many of the greatest names in comedy including Stephen Fry, John Oliver, and Emma Thompson.
  5. Ménage a Trois Radio After Dark
    Friday, September 25 at midnight, UCB Chelsea. The sauciest, raunchiest, most romantic show to ever roam the stage. Real-life lovers Diana Kolsky & Murf Meyer welcome a special guest for the live counterpart to their raucous podcast about your hearts and parts.
  6. Ass Wednesday
    Saturday, September 26 at 7pm, UCB East Village. The Hole-iest Hump Day on the Vatican Calendar. An Improv Show. Yes Homo.