The Del Close Marathon is exactly that: a marathon.
  1. Umbrella/poncho/sunscreen
    For when you want to stick it out in line. But hopefully you'll just head to one of the other 9 stages instead of wasting time on the sidewalk.
  2. Bottled water
  3. Cash
    Actual paper money still required to buy things like sweet tshirts and basement beers
  4. Phone charger
    How else will you keep track of your favorite shows on @list
  5. Breath mints/disposable toothbrush & toothpaste
    Say yes and to fresh breath™
  6. Deodorant
    For the love of God
  7. The DCM app
    Some awesome new features this year like performer search & venue map! Available for android and iPhone
  8. Of course if you forget anything, Gristedes is right there
  9. Closed-toe shoes
    It gets dirty.
    Suggested by @suesmith