Top picks for the week of October 19th at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatres. Tickets & more info at
  1. Planet World: A One-Manimal Show
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    Monday, October 19th at 8pm @ UCB Chelsea. Explore the phenomenon of life on our planet like never before through this live, one-manimal nature documentary.
  2. Characters Welcome
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    Monday, October 19th at 8pm @ UCB East. Characters Welcome is a monthly showcase hosted by Michael Hartney and Justin Tyler that brings together the best and brightest comedy actors to perform their favorite original characters and impressions.
  3. Back to the Future The Ride
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    Wednesday, October 21st at 9:30pm @ UCB Chelsea. It's the day Doc and Marty traveled to in Back to the Future II. But the present day is nothing like they remembered: cars don't fly, only four Jaws movies were made, and there isn't a god damn hover board anywhere to be seen. Join Doc and Marty on an interactive ride through time as they try to fix the past and right the future. Also Biff will be there. Fuck Biff.
  4. $$$
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    Thursday, October 22nd at 11pm @ UCB East. If you're looking to get paid, you need to be at this show. We are looking to get dough, plain and simple. Honestly, fuck art. (There will be stand-up)
  5. Sketch Cram
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    Saturday, October 24th at midnight @ UCB Chelsea. Once a month, we cram together UCB's top writers, performers, and students to craft an all-new sketch comedy show from scratch in a single day.
  6. Airwolf
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    Saturday, October 24th at 8:30pm @ UCB East Village. Airwolf takes your hellish tales of crazy roommates, weird neighbors and other outrageous living situations and spins them into a fast, funny and fully improvised show.