Top picks for your week in Los Angeles. Tickets at
  1. The Day I Became Black
    Monday October 5 at 8:30pm, UCB Sunset. Bill Posely will never forget the day he was became Black. It was 20 minutes before the OJ verdict. His father, an ex-Black Panther who married a white woman, decided that during this time of racial turmoil he needed to know that even though he was half white, he was 100% black.
  2. DIRT: A Fully Transparent Comedy Show
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    Tuesday, October 6 at 11pm, UCB Franklin. They'€™re watching us. NSA, Google, that guy in your hedges. Come see top comics air private moments & deal with yours. Text our burner cell 1st Tuesdays @ 11p. Whistleblowers will be protected. Maybe. No guarantees. Hosted by Kiran Deol and Emily Maya Mills.
  3. Prompter
    Wednesday, October 7 at 8pm, UCB Franklin. Performers improvise rejected TED Talks from a supposedly broken teleprompter in this new show from Troy Conrad (Set List, The Comedy Jesus Show). Performers find out what their "talk€" is about as they are introduced and given a lanyard. When their teleprompter repeatedly goes blank throughout the talk, they must improvise until it comes back on.
  4. Fresh Out! LA: Stand-up Comedy
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    Thursday, October 8 at 8:30pm, UCB Sunset. Emily Heller (Conan, Ground Floor) and Adam Conover (CollegeHumor) bring their long-running standup showcase to UCB Sunset! UCB's only bicoastal standup show, Fresh Out features the freshest comics in the country. This week with Nikki Glaser, Graham Kay, Pedro Salinas, and Chris Redd!
  5. Soundtrack
    Friday, October 9 at 9:30pm, UCB Franklin. Is your iPhone hilarious? Come find out. Soundtrack does an entirely improvised show to music they've never heard before, because its yours! Bring your music to the theatre and be part of the show! "Quick, funny and unpredictable. Soundtrack grabs your attention from the get-go and doesn't let loose." -Time Out New York