Top picks for your week in New York City. Tickets at
  1. Chemistry
    Tuesday, September 29 at 11pm, UCB East Village. Bringing you the funniest stand up comics every Tuesday at 11pm. Hosted by Matteo Lane. This week features Ashley Brooke Roberts, Dave Smith, Pat Brown, and Nore Davis! FREE
  2. Fucking Identical Twins: A Musical
    Wednesday, September 30 at 9:30pm, UCB Chelsea. FULL BAND EXTRAVAGANZA! Come enjoy this lewd, crude queer musical one last time, now with a full band! Jokes, games and Beyonce medleys to follow. Basically 'The Parent Trap' if it happened to horrible, disgusting people.
  3. A Wasted Weekend: Your Company Retreat
    Thursday, October 1 at 8pm, UCB Chelsea. You are invited (read: required) to attend Benson Urinal Accessories' Regional Sales & Internal Procedures Employee Summit in lovely Stamford, CT! You and your co-workers will enjoy guest speakers, break-out sessions & team-building exercises (which will not involve inappropriate touching this year.)
  4. BUCKY: Thank F@#% It's Friday!
    Friday, October 2 at 7:30pm, UCB East Village. Come blow off steam from your crazy work week with Bucky. Need someone to vent about your desk-mate with jiggly leg syndrome or your roommate's dog who craps in your bed? Come complain to over 100 of your closest friends before you start your weekend!
  5. The George Lucas Talk Show
    Friday, October 2 at midnight, UCB East Village. Join filmmaker George Lucas (Radioland Murders) as he embarks upon an exciting new career as a Comedian and Talk Show Host! "Surreal... (one of) the odder takes on the genre." - The Guardian
  6. Midnight Stand-Up
    Saturday, October 3 at midnight, UCB Chelsea. It's Saturday. It's late, but you still want to PAR-TAY. Come see the best stand ups New York City has to offer. "Reliably amazing." - The New York Times