The Del Close Marathon is our annual tribute to the mad guru of improvisation Del Close. For 56 hours, longform improvisation will be performed at 9 stages across New York City and on Monday we will sleep forever. (More info at!)
  1. The Gay Pride Improv Spectacular
    DCM is an official partner of NYC Pride this year!
  2. Nick Kroll & Friends
  3. HBO GIRLS: The Improvised Deleted Scenes (hi @lenadunham!)
  4. Broad City Live!
  5. Knock Knock, Who's There? a F%#king Lunatic
  6. The Daily Show Writers
  7. Cast of Silicon Valley
  8. One Man Pattern Game
  9. Improvised Seinfeld
  10. Key & Peele Writers
  11. Professor Cockenstein and DJ Offensive-Reference's Crowd Work ExtravaGANJA Late Night Bit Show
  12. Parkour-prov
  13. The McConaughscene
  14. The Hooray Show with special guest Jimmy Fallon
  15. Riverdale Country High School
    They are really in high school and they are amazing
  16. A special preview screening of "Thank You Del Close," a DCM documentary
    Post-screening Q&A w/Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh & director Todd Bieber
  17. And about 600 others