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  1. 1.
    Biology Period 7-8A
    Kind of boring to sit and learn, but interesting material. Very funny because my teacher is so cute and old and thinks he's so funny and I want to cry because he's so cute ok next
  2. 2.
    Geometry Period 7-8B
    very challenging, I like it a lot. I have 100% in it. my teacher is obsessed with me and it is very nice.
  3. 3.
    Spanish Period 5 A&B
    Spanish is fun to learn. I wish I was 100% fluent. we do too much Coloring for me to absolutely love it.
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Things my dad has done/said
  1. "I buy you Starbucks! If that's not love I don't know what is."
    He said after I told my grandma he doesn't even love me.
  2. "They suck so fucking bad. I want to rip my ear drums out."
    Said my dad after playing Ugh! By the 1975 in the car.
  3. "Are you trying to kill me?"
    He asked me after I showed him all of the 1975 music videos.
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  1. My name is shelby
  2. I am a baby!!!! Compared to everyone else (I'm 14)
  3. My birthday is June 13
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  1. Middle/elementary school
    Who doesn't tbh
  2. Being excited on Christmas and Easter
    Those were the most exciting times ever :(
  3. When my mom and dad were together
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  1. I'm low-key extremely dirty-minded
  2. I'm actually really smart
  3. I'm starting to get SUPER lazy and unmotivated
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  1. I'm posting 2 lists today
  1. It was in January
  2. I recently bought my first turtleneck, pair of mom jeans, and adidas superstars
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  1. Harry Potter's Hogwarts
    This is an obvious
  2. Gossip Girl
    I want to live in NYC go to Paris for the summer and shop at every single designer store ??????? And live in a penthouse yes plz
  3. My Instagram
    My pictures make me look so cool
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  1. Watch YouTube
  2. Watch Netflix
  3. Read books
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  1. Cried a lot I guess
  2. Re-organized my room
  3. A lot of Starbucks runs
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