1. My name is shelby
  2. I am a baby!!!! Compared to everyone else (I'm 14)
  3. My birthday is June 13
  4. I love Harry styles
  5. But I also love Matty Healy
  6. A lot ^^
  7. But I believe Harry is my true love because he just is
  8. I cry over him
  9. I just love Matty because his music* and he's very inspirational?
  10. I get annoyed super easily
  11. I stayed up til 4 am last night watching Matty videos on yt
  12. I had a biology test today that I'm pretty sure I got 100% on
  13. I only wear clothes from Urban or Brandy but it's not on purpose
  14. I get into weird moods
  15. I'm a lil Freshie
  16. I'm fit now and I love my body
  17. I always save up for new, expensive items but end up blowing my money on makeup
  18. I haven't driven a car yet and I get my license next year
  19. I have 6 best friends and they all sit at my lunch tablr
  20. I'm vegan!!!!!
  21. I play volleyball only and do nothing but work the rest of the year
  22. I'm extremely outgoing and confident in my work until I have to present the work or feel too vulnerable
  23. I'm done because this is a lot