1. Middle/elementary school
    Who doesn't tbh
  2. Being excited on Christmas and Easter
    Those were the most exciting times ever :(
  3. When my mom and dad were together
  4. WHOLE family vacations when we had enough money to go
  5. The hug from the last day of 8th grade from the guy I liked
    It was so warm and exciting
  6. His hand squeezing my thigh in the middle of class
  7. My aunt who had killed herself 8 years ago
    :( she was the best
  8. Any year I didn't take geometry
    I really hate geometry
  9. NOT having to do this huge research project
  10. The easy biology tests
    I feel like I'm just hanging on now
  11. Last summer
    I just love summer a lot
  12. Memories whenever I look at something
    I am too nostalgic about everything
  13. My old best friends
  14. When he liked me as much as I liked him
  15. The first time I read Harry Potter
  16. The first time I listened to the 1975
  17. Holding his hand for the first time