1. I'm low-key extremely dirty-minded
  2. I'm actually really smart
  3. I'm starting to get SUPER lazy and unmotivated
  4. Geometry is terribly hard
  5. English has made me type like a bitch
    Fuckin research projects
  6. I have not slept longer than 6 hours for 3 weeks
  7. I really should sleep
  8. There is a good chance he will play me
  9. ^ I do not care though?
  10. Boys suck so bad
  11. I hate missing school
  12. I am sad when it's gloomy
  13. I like being sad
  14. I like when it's gloomy
  15. I feel like being productive only when it's above 80 degrees
  16. I am the weirdest person
  17. I have super funny friends and I love them a lot
  18. New friends are also fun
  19. Going places is fun