1. Layering my cereal
    Gotta get that special K and granola in even proportions
  2. Applying eyeliner
    If I don't fix my uneven wings I will be thinking about it all day
  3. Moisturizing my hands
    I've been told my hands feel like a baby's in a way that I should be embarrassed. Mind ya damn business then and don't touch my hands
  4. Making flashcards
    I have a system that no one but me understands
  5. Exercise routine
    If I don't run 3x a week and cross train the other 4 days I feel like a fat load
  6. Making my bed every morning
    #neat #tidy
  7. Putting my toothbrush inside my medicine cabinet
    Since learning how far bacteria from your toilet can travel after flushing I have become germ queen
  8. Amount of Grey's Anatomy I watch daily
    Anything over 2 episodes and I fall into an emotional black hole and need to re-evaluate my whole life
  9. Not wearing jeans and running sneakers together
  10. Getting my eyebrows threaded
    I trust that woman more than I trust my mother