1. 1.
    My hair is an actual puff ball
  2. 2.
    I have to sit through another 8 hours of class
  3. 3.
    I have no money for ice coffee
  4. 4.
    My sandwich is on untoasted sliced bread
    There is no point in eating this lumpy piece of crap
  5. 5.
    My eyebrows have surpassed the stage of fashionably thick and are now Mia Thermopolis-bushy
  6. 6.
    My favorite pair of boots broke
  7. 7.
    I just realized the sweater I'm wearing looks like it was made from an Army blanket
  8. 8.
    I'm quickly running out of battery and I didn't bring my charger
  9. 9.
    Everyone is skipping class and is going on #springbreak so I'm alone
  10. 10.
    I was too optimistic in thinking it would be warm and didn't bring a jacket
  11. 11.
    I have so much work to do over break and it's giving me ~anxiety~
  12. 12.
    But I'm alive, so today may not be that sucky