we all have some of those
  1. pulp fiction (1994)
    okay, what is with the hype around pulp fiction? sam jackson is the only thing that makes the movie good. it has no plot until the last twenty minutes. white people are all crazy about pulp fiction, but i think they're all too afraid to admit it sucks
  2. gone girl (2014)
    i am so sorry for this one. i respect this movie and i think it was very well done, but a gray tint throughout the whole movie and two and a half hours of quiet talking bores me.
  3. wild (2014)
    like gone girl, i respect wild as a movie and thought it was well done. and im all for survival stories, but at the same time, this was possibly the most uneventful movie of all time.
  4. the wolf of wall street (2013)
    nothing against scorsese, but i did not need three hours of leo dicaprio looking his age and having sex with margot robbie, who is hotter than him and not the main character.
  5. gone with the wind (1932)
    i know it's a classic, but you all know what im thinking: THIS MOVIE IS FOUR HOURS OF A WHITE GIRL COMPLAINING